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Christian population
3 096 000 (9%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Islamic oppression
• Dictatorial paranoia

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given monthly could meet the most pressing needs of believers worldwide.


Every ethnic Malay is assumed to be Muslim, as defined by the Malaysian constitution. This means that any ethnic Malay who converts from Christianity is at risk of breaking the law and being punished under Shariah law. These converts can also face incredible pressure from their families and the broader community.

The country’s political instability – there have been four prime ministers since 2018 – has led to more political parties trying to appeal to conservative Islamic voters. A conservative Islamic political party has made gains at both the local and national levels, and it’s now the largest party though it’s not in power. Party leaders regularly make statements of opposition against religious and ethnic minorities, including Christians.

Even historic Christian denominations or non-profits are watched by authorities, and any group seen as being more open to evangelism is at risk for official interference.

Meet a church leader

“There is a teacher who was declared [medically] paralysed for the rest of her life, but we prayed for her and she can walk again… She already experienced the miracle and power of God, and now she has responded to wanting to know the Lord more. This radio really helps her in that process.”

A Malaysian church leader who has helped distribute audio Bibles in indigenous languages.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local church partners in Malaysia to support persecuted believers with discipleship training, Bibles and Christian books, and socio-economic assistance.

Please pray

  • Pray that ethnic Malays will come to know Christ through His Word, visions and Christians.
  • Pray that Christians who can worship freely will find ways to encourage and uplift those who must follow Jesus in the shadows.
  • Ask God to end the unjust treatment of Christians under the law.

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