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Region Africa
Leader President Uhuru Kenyatta
Population 48 467 000
Christian 81%
Main Religion Christian (Islam in north-east and coastal areas)
Government Republic
Rank 32
Score 62
Previous Rank 18
Previous Score 68

“May we always keep our priorities right.”

Persecution in Kenya comes from different sources. The strongest driver of persecution is the Islamic militant group, Al-Shabaab. This group, even though based in Somalia, has conducted numerous attacks targeting Christians in majority Christian Kenya. The Muslim minority is mainly located in the northeastern and coastal areas of Kenya, and it is these area that has been the main focus for attacks. Many Christians in these regions have fled and relocated to other places.

Some of the country’s tribal leaders, especially in the northeastern region are at times anti-Christian. The government’s attempt to enforce secularism is also at times harsh on churches and Christians, as they are required to do things that are not in line with their faith. Furthermore, corruption is rampant in Kenya. Co-opted officials, in particular, turn a blind eye to persecutors’ activities.

To support persecuted Christians in Kenya, Open Doors works through local partners to provide evangelism and discipleship training, economic assistance, leadership and management training for churches, trauma care training, and more.

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