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18 – Kenya


Region Africa
Leader President Uhuru Kenyatta
Population 48 467 000
Christian 82%
Main Religion Christian (Islam in north-east and coastal areas)
Government Republic
Rank 18
Score 68
Previous Rank 16
Previous Score 68

Kenya has a very complex ethnic composition, which also strongly affects daily politics. It has also experienced violent terrorist attacks. The persecution of Christians resulting from Islamic Oppression – as perpetrated by Al-Shabaab – contains elements of ethnic cleansing in the northeastern part of the country. To combat the source of these attacks, Kenya has sent troops into Somalia. Secondly, Kenya is a country with a Christian majority (82%) and a considerably smaller Muslim population (10 to 15%). Yet, in areas dominated by an Islamic population, Christians have become a target for militant groups. Also important is the level of corruption. In Kenya, the corruption of public institutions is rampant, and its effect on protecting citizens is considerable.

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