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40 – Djibouti


Region Africa
Leader President Ismail Omar Guelleh
Population 911 000
Christian 1.2%
Main Religion Islam
Government Republic
Rank 40
Score 57
Previous Rank 28
Previous Score 58

Djibouti is surrounded by some of the most volatile and repressive countries like Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen. On the political front, the repressive regime of the incumbent president continues to rule the country. Historically, Islam is deeply embedded in Djibouti’s society. At the same time, Christianity has existed in Djibouti for a long time. On the society level, a significant number of Djibouti’s citizens have strong family ties in Somalia, Yemen and other Muslim countries with a strongly ingrained negative attitude towards the West and Christianity. The Djiboutian government supports Western efforts to fight Islamic terrorism; this agitates a significant section of society. Constitutionally, Islam is accorded the status of state religion.

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