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Region Central Asia
Leader President Ilham Aliyev
Population 9 974 000
Christian 3.2%
Main Religion Islam
Government Republic
Rank 45
Score 57
Previous Rank -
Previous Score -

“Sometimes we are losing hope and at other times, when we see God’s miracles, we are encouraged and ready to move mountains.”

Most of the persecution of Christians in Azerbaijan comes from government officials at various levels – ranging from the country’s central government, which imposes restrictive legislation, to local authorities and police who raid religious meetings, detain believers, and confiscate religious materials.

All Christian communities experience some form of persecution. Russian Orthodox churches experience the least problems from the government, as they do not usually attempt to reach out to the Azerbaijani population. It is the indigenous Christians with a Muslim background who are bearing the brunt of persecution, both at the hands of the state and from family, friends and community.

Officially, the country is secular, and religion is tolerated. However, the level of surveillance is so high that Christians in Azerbaijan do not know whom to trust. Very little information is getting out of the country.

Open Doors provides immediate aid to Central Asian believers when they are imprisoned, excluded from families and communities, and deprived of livelihood and employment because of their faith in Christ. We strengthen the persecuted Church in Central Asia primarily through Christian literature distribution, prayer support, biblical training, women’s ministry, vocational training, and more.

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