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Little girl traumatised by Fulani attack in Nigeria

On the 22nd of June, Rashida (7) and her friend were playing in their neighbour, Asabe’s,…

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Beacons of Love, Joy & Forgiveness

Beacons of Love, Joy & Forgiveness by Open Doors on Exposure

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Indian Christian abducted and tortured for his faith

Gallu Kowasi, an Indian Christian, recently was badly beaten by locals while they demanded that he…

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Meet Esther, a servant of the Lord in the Southern Philippines

Esther was born into a family from the Sama tribe in Southern Philippines. (The Sama is…

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Former Islamic cleric punished for choosing Jesus

Omar (31), a former Islamic cleric in Cameroon, gave his life to Christ in April this…

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Pray for our doubly vulnerable sisters

In many parts of the world, women already face much discrimination because of their gender, and…

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