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An incentive for hope – Micro-loans in a city destroyed by ISIS

An Incentive For Hope by Open Doors  on Exposure

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Karamels ‘THEN’ & ‘NOW’

Karamles 'Then'  &  'Now' by Open Doors  on Exposure

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Persecuted families and the cross they bear

When creating families, God had in mind a design and purpose where His love would be…

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Gunmen massacre killed at least 50 people at Nigerian church

The ministry organisation Open Doors, which supports persecuted Christians all over the world, is shocked by…

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PRAYER ALERT: Muslim students at a Nigerian college kill Christian fellow student

Yesterday, May 12, a group of male Muslim students brutally attacked and killed a female Christian…

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Believers from three different tribes in the Philippines attend a Biblical seminar

One of the major goals that local partners in the southern Philippines have for the believers…

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