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BLACKOUT is a sponsored challenge to give up all things digital for a whole weekend. Could you stay off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and anything else you do online for 48 hours? It’s a total online BLACKOUT. You’ll be cut off, silenced, with no voice on, or access to, social media. Are you up for it?


Around the world, millions of Christians have no voice – globally over 200 million Christians face high levels of persecution for choosing to follow Jesus. They’re silenced, threatened, forced to flee and live on the run. Many suffer or die for their faith. But, when one part suffers, we all suffer. Their story is our story. We’re family. We won’t be hushed up. We’ll stand up for the silenced.

So, we want you to go silent online to draw attention to Christians who face persecution and spend time making a massive noise for persecuted Christians through prayer.


BLACKOUT lasts from 19:00 on any Friday in November to 19:00 the Sunday. You can, of course, do BLACKOUT for a longer, or shorter period. Some groups have done 24 hours, while other hardcore individuals have a done a full week.

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