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BLACKOUT is a sponsored 48-hour digital fast for persecuted Christians. That means a whole weekend without your phone, the Internet, social networking or anything else involving the web.


Around the world, persecuted Christians have no voice. Millions are persecuted, threatened, beaten, arrested, tortured and some even killed for their choice to follow Jesus. They’re being silenced. By getting sponsored to go quiet online, you’ll raise money for change and use the time you’re not spending on your phone in prayer, making a massive noise before God for our persecuted family.


BLACKOUT 2017 is taking place in November from 7pm on any Friday to 7pm on the Sunday (but if the days don’t suit you, you can do BLACKOUT whenever you like)!

Download your free Facebook cover image and profile photo and let us know your taking part by sending an email to [email protected] or letting us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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