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Sarah*, a young woman from North Africa, was left with nowhere to go when her Muslim father kicked her out of the house for becoming a Christians. He then spread a rumour saying: “She escaped with a man and is following a dark path.”

Although it pained Sarah that her father would destroy her reputation with such a lie, she missed her family. Her family would only see her if she married, so she ended up marrying a man who turned against her once they got married.

“I experienced physical abuse, disrespect, mistrust. He didn’t allow me to have a phone. He wouldn’t let me go shopping on my own. I felt I made a grave mistake,” says Sarah. One day he ordered her to leave the house as “she isn’t useful anymore” for him.

Thankfully, she found a home by the Christian family who took her in when her family kicked her out, and through your support, she was able to get a job to take care of herself.

Uplift Sarah as she faces challenges because of those who oppose her faith by sending a letter to [email protected]

Email campaign ends 31 Aug. 2022

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