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Imagine being brutally beaten by 10 Hindu extremists and in that moment realising that they’re the same people that killed your fellow pastor. Or imagine watching your husband die from cancer as you can’t afford the treatment and your Hindu family refuses to help you pay for it because you’re a Christian. Or as a child, lying to your Hindu parents about your whereabouts to avoid getting beaten for attending a Christian children’s seminar. Sadly, Christians in India don’t have to imagine this because these are the kinds of situations they face frequently, all because they follow Christ.

Earlier this year, we launched an online encouragement campaign so believers around the world can encourage and pray for Christians in India as they face increasing hostility from Hindu nationalists who want to turn India into a Hindu nation, leaving no room for Christians.

They truly need our encouragement.

You can send:

  • Pictures alongside Bible verses, personal encouragements, written prayers. Pictures of people sending the messages.
  • Videos of personal encouragement messages, prayer meetings, Biblical content, etc.
  • Audio recording of personal encouragement, Christian song (with permission), etc.

to [email protected] and we will make sure that your message is sent to them.

Some guidelines:

  • Focus on uplifting and empowering messages about God’s love and salvation, as well as those that focus on blessings through persecution.
  • Send personal messages, not just general Bible verses as these are more effective. Talk about your personal (spiritual) struggles and how you dealt with them.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] for more information.

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