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Esther* was held captive by Boko Haram, a Muslim extremist group in Nigeria, for a year. Many of her captors wanted to marry her as they found her to be very beautiful. The pressure was severe. But Esther was determined not to give in. “If I perish, I perish, but I’ll not become a Muslim,” she decided in her heart.

Sadly, during her time in captivity she and other kidnapped girls were raped. “I can’t count how many men raped me. Every time they came back from their attacks, they would rape us… defile us…” she shared through tears. She became pregnant and had no idea who the father was. When the government finally freed her, she was jubilant to return home only to be met with mockery and rejection. People called her baby “Boko” instead of using her real name, Rebecca. Being labelled a Boko Haram woman, Esther can’t get work. Having no one else to turn to, Open Doors assisted her with trauma counselling and some food aid.

“I have no family other than Open Doors. After hearing my story you didn’t despise me but encouraged me and showed me love. Thank you so much!”

You can send Esther words of comfort, strength and acceptance as she faces rejection from those around her. Pray for God’s provision in her needs and that the Lord will continue to use baby Rebecca to illustrate His love and mercy to the people around her.

*Image blurred and name changed for security reasons.

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