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Christian children can face unique challenges because of their faith…

Just imagine that you’re not free to attend a church or youth meeting either by law or because your parents won’t allow it. That you’re not allowed to have a children’s book or Bible. Imagine police raiding your parents’ secret house church meeting and arresting them, leaving you alone. Or imagine that you’re the only Christian in your school. During break time the other children don’t play with you and sometimes you come home with your clothes torn because of them bullying you.

Now imagine what could happen if you could encourage such children to stand strong in the faith.

Send your encouragement to them in the form of a drawing (children’s drawings are especially welcome) to remind them that they’re not alone and that other Christian families are praying for them. Please pray that God would help these children to grow in their faith despite all they face.

*Note that only drawings will be accepted for this specific campaign.

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