Maryam and Marziyeh, authors of "Captive in Iran", are visiting South Africa!
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Persecution all over the world
1 (North Korea)2 (Somalia)3 (Syria)4 (Iraq)5 (Afghanistan)6 (Saudi Arabia)7 (Maldives)8 (Pakistan)9 (Iran)10 (Yemen)11 (Sudan)12 (Eritrea)13 (Libya)14 (Nigeria)15 (Uzbekistan)16 (Central African Republic)17 (Ethiopia)18 (Vietnam)19 (Qatar)20 (Turkmenistan)21 (Laos)22 (Egypt)23 (Myanmar)24 (Brunei)25 (Colombia)26 (Jordan)27 (Oman)28 (India)29 (Sri Lanka)30 (Tunisia)31 (Bhutan)32 (Algeria)33 (Mali)34 (Palestinian Territories)35 (United Arab Emirates)36 (Mauritania)37 (China)38 (Kuwait)39 (Kazakhstan)40 (Malaysia)41 (Bahrain)42 (Comoros)43 (Kenya)44 (Morocco)45 (Tajikistan)46 (Djibouti)47 (Indonesia)48 (Bangladesh)49 (Tanzania)50 (Niger)
North Korea (1)
Somalia (2)
Syria (3)
Iraq (4)
Afghanistan (5)
Saudi Arabia (6)
Maldives (7)
Pakistan (8)
Iran (9)
Yemen (10)
Sudan (11)
Eritrea (12)
Libya (13)
Nigeria (14)
Uzbekistan (15)
Central African Republic (16)
Ethiopia (17)
Vietnam (18)
Qatar (19)
Turkmenistan (20)
Laos (21)
Egypt (22)
Myanmar (23)
Brunei (24)
Colombia (25)
Jordan (26)
Oman (27)
India (28)
Sri Lanka (29)
Tunisia (30)
Bhutan (31)
Algeria (32)
Mali (33)
Palestinian Territories (34)
United Arab Emirates (35)
Mauritania (36)
China (37)
Kuwait (38)
Kazakhstan (39)
Malaysia (40)
Bahrain (41)
Comoros (42)
Kenya (43)
Morocco (44)
Tajikistan (45)
Djibouti (46)
Indonesia (47)
Bangladesh (48)
Tanzania (49)
Niger (50)

Prayer Point

Pray that God will cause stability to be established in this society and that the country might turn into a normal society instead of a failed state.